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About My Services


Getting Inspired


  • They say everyone has a book in them. You just have to find it, and my job is to help you.


  • My goal is to share the pride and wonderful sense of accomplishment that comes from seeing your name on your very own book.


Overcoming Fears


  • Writing a book may seem like a daunting process. But it doesn’t have to be.  Not when you have a widely published author and ghostwriter at your side.


  • Drawing on my years of experience in publishing and TV, I help you overcome the challenges of writing.


  • Whether you’re looking for a co-writer who’ll work with you chapter by chapter, or a ghostwriter, who’ll do most of the writing himself, I function either way.


  •  I’ve written both novels and non-fiction, and can assist you in either genre.


Getting Published


  • When the initial writing is done, I have your book copy edited and fact checked.


  • If you’re hoping to find an agent and get your book published, I’ll help craft the proposal.


  • If you’re publishing the book privately, I’ll supervise the actual production of your book – from cover design to finished product.


  • Whether you want an e-book or a quality paperback, I’ll help you decide.


  • The outcome – your book – will be something you’ll be sharing for years to come.

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